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ATTN: clinic peoples! and anyone else interested
stateofatrophy wrote in paradisaooc
Hello, darlings! Dragging myself out of hiatus for two minutes to bring you this.

As of this post, the clinic has seen some serious renovations. Ignore the Wii, that's in the office and thus away from patient's prying eyes and grabby hands.

The picture will be up in the wiki along with a brief overview of each room sometime next week after I am done with my final.

Now the reason for this post apart from the heads-up is for a head count. I'm making a table to keep better tabs on who we have to ease planning in the future for expeditions, world changes or just figuring out who'll be around to set your character's fractured wrist after he decided to punch someone made of granite. Thus I'd appreciate it if you could fill this out:

And that's about it for now. If you have any questions or comments, ask them here and I'll get to them when I can.

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Mun name: Alcyone!
Character name: Gregory House
Place/time of origin: United States, 2005. Modern medicine.
≈20+ years as a doctor
-primarily involved in diagnostic medicine
-specialties in nephrology and infectious diseases
-can perform surgery, imaging studies and run labs
-and practically everything else that radiologists and cardiologists and other specialists and nurses exist for in real life because that’s how this series rolls :|
Affected by Dead Zone: He ain’t never going near the Dead Zone, but if he did he’d stay just as grumpy.
On-call only: Nope. He’s even sleeping there seeing as his room is up stairs. B|

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Mun name: Kerry
Character name: Helen Magnus
Place/time of origin: London, 1850 (but came from Canada, 2011). She's modern medicine but can rely on her back ups, field medicine (wars are a bitch), abnormal & experimental procedures, everything.
Experience: Xenobiology, teratology & crypto-zoology but she originated in human medicine. She also knows a lot (knowledgeable in some way in all areas. She has time to read and needs to!)
eventually detailing everything here.
Affected by Dead Zone: Y&N - it'll take away her longevity but since she won't be living there it doesn't matter
On-call only: N. She also lives like a couple of doors down from the clinic so is perfect for on-call also. If she goes home.

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Mun name: Kacey
Character name: Peter Petrelli
Place/time of origin: Manhattan, NY. 2007, modern medicine (but his loss is his medical training so it's kind of a moot point. Like I said on the other post, he's basically a human ambulance)
Experience: About six months as a hospice nurse, and maybe a year as a paramedic. I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA STUPID HEROES TIMELINE
Affected by Dead Zone: Yes, but he is very unlikely to go there unless it's to save someone
On-call only: N. He lives up in the Ortus Tower but he is always ready to go run and help people

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Mun name: Yuff
Character name: Allen Walker
Place/time of origin: Earth (England, but also Eurasia), 1898 PLUS 5 years in Paradisa so he does know about things such as antibiotics.
Experience: First aid knowledge (taught 3 separate times), studying medicine and can lift all heavy things.
Affected by Dead Zone: Not in ways that affect his medical ability beyond being able to lift...less things.
On-call only: N

Mun name: Knight
Character name: James Watson
Place/time of origin: Came from the UK 2009 (modern medicine) but first started medicine London, 1880's (but has kept up with modern practices)
- Originated in human medicine but also has experience in teratology, xenobiology and crypto-zoology. He's not as skilled as Helen when it comes to these things but he's still very knowledgeable.

- Where the initial design for his life support suit was done with aide, he has since added to it, modified it, and could build similar if needed, or some other contraption.(Knowledge pertaining to it is on his Para wiki page)

- Field medicine (wars are fun :/)

Affected by Dead Zone: Y&N Don't expect James to be building life saving contraptions over night out here, as his enhanced intelligence goes out the window, but he's totally good with everything else (just a touch slower than normal).
On-call only: N dude between the library and the clinic James is rarely in his room during the day when his leg is healed >>

Ugh, sorry for not being on the ball with this. I haven't been feeling well lately and also I MOVED SUDDENLY after digging up the clinic stuff. Tear still needs to get herself into the clinic and ping the other clinic type people, so I'll .. try to do that today, I guess!

Mun name: Saffy
Character name: Tear Grants
Place/time of origin:
Auldrant, 2019. It's fairly modern, but healing is done with magic as well.
- military first aid: knows how to set broken bones, things like that. Maybe three years experience.
- MAGICAL HEALING CRAP. She can revive people from the dead, though of course this is in RPG terms and if they're like REALLY REALLY DEAD and missing a head, that's gonna be a problem. She's been doing this with song and spell for about ten years. Her spells also grant her the power to make people invincible for a time.
Affected by Dead Zone: Yes.
On-call only: N, I think she'll be there all day when not doing things like babysitting her cast.

Also, could I add you on plurk? We ought to be in touch.

Mun name: Kayla

Character name: Anders
Place/time of origin:
Medieval-y magical poor people land
Experience: Ran his own clinic for some time, I'd assume he has pretty decent experience healing a wide variety of really awful stuff, from wounds to diseases to infections, etc etc. It's all magic though, he probably doesn't know much beyond basic first aid otherwise.
Affected by Dead Zone: Y
On-call only: Currently Y but he doesn't mind taking shifts either.

Character name: Yamanaka Ino
Place/time of origin: Sort of modern-ish AU Japan with ninjas.
Experience: Lots of battlefield and surgery (chakra assisted) experience, been working in the Paradisa clinic for nearly five years now. She's learned how to use most of the modern hospital machines and do other emergency stuff without powers.
Affected by Dead Zone: Y
On-call only: N, she's in there pretty often.

Are you keeping the mural?

Yep. No need to take it down.

Where's the exit to the hallway? Is that the door in the bottom of the picture?

You come in through the vents and then you can NEVER LEAVE!

What Jenn said. It's a trap.

Mun name: Alz
Character name: Hesam
Place/time of origin: New York, 2008. Modern medicine.

Experience: He's got about ten years experience as a Paramedic.

My GUESS would be that he's the guy that was overseeing Peter's training, so he has some form of instructing capabilities too. In the show he drives the entire time but I'm going to again put that down to him being the instructor of the partnership, since EMTs need at least a year on an ambulance before they can upgrade to EMT-Paramedic training? (Correct me if I'm wrong plz!)

He has basic EMT training as well as Paramedic training so he is able to, assess a patient, check their vital signs, report to hospital staff regarding patients, drive an ambulance (obviously), appropriately transport a patient (knowing how to securely move someone with multiple injuries), administer certain medications (something an EMT isn't trained for as far as I know??), CPR, he can start an IV and use 'advanced airway management devices'.

Hesam's full experience is tricky since I really need to sit down with an American and actually figure it out for realzies. Most of the time I use a lot of creative licence....
And if anyone actually knows, I would adore if someone could help me sort it out one day. XD

Affected by Dead Zone: Nope.
On-call only: Leaning more toward YES than no. He lives on the second floor, close to the clinic so he isn't very far away. He doesn't spend all his time at the clinic unless he's avoiding people but after he got attacked there he doesn't enjoy being there for long.

Mun name: Should be self-explanatory.
Character name: As above.
Place/time of origin:
Terca Lumireis, year ???? - magic-based. with chewy candy that heals your wounds and tastes like fruit. or soda. or melange. And things to drink to cure paralysis/poison/being turned to stone. It's special.
TL isn't as advanced as Auldrant in terms of techy stuff, but they can pinpoint healing with spells.
Battle-field patching up-stuff. (broken bones. Stuff like that.). Maybe... 2, 3 years?
10 years as a hermit - he can take care of animals much better than another human |D

His only canon healing spell is Healing Circle, which is an area-effect for ~60% hp, even though it (fortunately) only heals him (in game) around ~17%. Maybe he's just a little out of practice or something :|a
Affected by Dead Zone: Y.
On-call only: Y. for non humans. He doesn't want to help you humans, because you're usually assholes.

He's more interested in animals and non-humans. But if you absolutely need a second person to cast magic healing on people... maybe. :/ If you ask nicely.

Oh. And he's blind due to his loss. Which causes some problems for some things.

Oh. Wow. I did the lower half but not the upper.
Mun name: Samm
Character Name: Duke Pantarei

Mun name: Amy
Character name: Robert Chase
Place/time of origin: 2010-ish
Experience: Diagnostics -- specialized in cardiology and intensive care. Surgeon. I will be hurt if I have to to;dr about his experience. ;;
Affected by Dead Zone: No.
On-call only: N

who are you again? /headtilt

[This scene has been censored for cane-shaped-object induced violence.]


I love floorplans okay >_>

Mun name: Stephanie
Character name: Rory Williams
Place/time of origin: Leadworth, England, 2010. Has limited futuristic medical knowledge due to traveling space and time with the Doctor.
Experience: He's a qualified NHS nurse back home, with amount of experience unknown (I'd estimate around two to three years). His work ID states that he works on the emergency ward (A&E) but on the show was seen to be working on the coma ward. Whatever, man. It's a small town, maybe they were understaffed that day. :D I've done some research into British nursing qualifications and for the purposes of RP I've made him knowledgeable in all basic nursing skills (as one would expect any nurse to be, I guess) but specialized in skills relevant to an emergency room. He can set broken and fractured bones, start up IVs, assist in surgery, do stitches, etc etc. And also babysit coma patients. :D
Affected by Dead Zone: N
On-call only: Y

Mun name: kiku
Character name: john watson
Place/time of origin: earth!! specifically 21st century london. aww yeah.
Experience: HE'S SERIOUSLY OVERQUALIFIED FOR CLINIC DUTIES, canon says so. from what is readable from his cv it says he worked at University College Hospital London PRHO General Surgery and Medicine, and Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford SHO Trauma and Orthopaedics. Exact dates unknown as it's hard as hell to read. He is also a former army doctor, logic dictates that he's pretty damn capable. Canon also says he can recognize and give immediate treatment to the following:
• myocardial infarction
• acute coronary syndrome
• pulmonary embolus and Sickle Cell Crisis
• deep vein thrombosis
• acute asthma attack
• Severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• diabetic keto-acidosis
• community and Hospital acquired pneumonia
• seizures
• poisoning/overdose
• acute abdomen, post-operative oliguria hypotension and post-op infections
personally i don't believe he's limited to these, but yeah. INFO. HAVE IT.
Affected by Dead Zone: Nope.
On-call only: N. He's like House and probably spends a large portion of his day in there, when he isn't keeping an eye on Sherlock.

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