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Sodalitas Quaerito: VERSION 2.0!!!
[Lorelai/Alva] She digs the black silk P
alva_keel wrote in paradisaooc
Hallo, folks! Liz here. You may know me best as the mun for Jess Mariano and the illustrious John Winchester. Well, I also play Alva, and the boy's getting a bit restless.

So what does a supernatural scholar do when he's bored? Open a new branch of his agency! :P

Basically this is just a heads up that Alva is going to found a new branch of his group, Sodalitas Quaerito, here in Paradisa. The name itself is Latin for "brotherhood in search of truth," and the group is a paranormal research agency. In the real world, they investigate supernatural happenings and focus in specifically on harbingers and omens of the coming apocalypse. Phenomenon like hemography, automatic writing, spirit possession,'s all in their sphere of experience.

Here in Paradisa, Alva will continue his work, but also focus in on the mysteries of the castle and the strange events, losses, and other occurrences that take place. Organizing and actually forming the new branch will be gradual, but I wanted to make his intentions known to any scholarly, curious, or otherwise bored muses that might want to see just what the eff my crazy British boy is up to. :P He'll be posting in Paradisa, looking for like minded individuals, so...yeah.

...okay, time waste-age complete! Back to work, you all! *cracks whip* :P

Oh, and if you're curious about SQ and Alva's show, MIRACLES? Best fansite ever. Check it out!

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Crowley is looking innocent, pretending he had nothing to do with the coming of the Antichrist or anything like that. Do de do.

Alva is eyeing Crowley suspiciously and may need to sit down and discuss that with him over tea sometime.

That will be a hilarious time, especially when Crowley admits he bollocksed it all up. Oops.

Para!Rory is all "...Why does my mom dig your PJ's?" XD

Para!Alva has no idea, but Star's Hollow!Alva demands that be the journal's official OOC icon. LONG LIVE TEH CRACKIEST PAIRING ALIVE!!!! ;P

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