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The following characters have not joined us on DW or commented to the New Characters page. While they have until March 1st to comment to move over (else they gettin' sweeeeept), but I just wanted to see if anyone knew these players and could poke them and see if they intend to move or not. I'm cross-posting this to both DW and LJ so it can be seeeeeen by alllll.

Additionally, if you know some of these are dropped/loooooong gone, let me know! Thanks.

Characters Missing From ListCollapse )

Let's go, bbs.
Alright, guys, some last minute things:


The voting is so absurdly close, and a fair third of you don't really care what we do! So here's what we've decided:

Every resident will be issued a new journal... but they will get to keep the old one. Your new journal is now the one "tethered" to you (aka it is the one that follows you around and stuff), and the old one no longer works the way it used to.

Anyone coming into the castle after January 10th will only have the new copy.

When old residents leave, their copies will be placed in the library. If you can find it, that is. Paradisa likes to shelve it in different places every week. It's not that hard to find -- kind of like when you lose your keys and you SWEAR YOU PUT IT DOWN IN ONE PLACE, but after an hour of digging through coat pockets and under papers and around your house, you find them... in your back pocket. You can almost hear the castle snickering at you.

This will be reflected on our new journal page here when Jenn finishes touching it up.


We open at midnight EST!

To get let in when the clock ticks by, please go comment on the new characters page ASAP and join:


less necessary but "if you want" in case there are any friendlocked entries on the old paradisa:


Oh yeah!

Excuse our dust; we're still working on a lot of pages! The profile isn't done. But you guys know how things work, yeah? It'll all get done over the next few weeks.

Until then, there is a site map with all our DW pages.

Calendar: January - March 2012
Click for the Calendar!

Since we're packing up in a few days, the new calendar for January has been posted to the shiny new DW community. Click the link above to go view it!

(no subject)
Between my own workload getting the better of me and the LJ shenanigans I have completely lost track of where I'm at with threads and people.

If I've accidentally dropped something we were working on and you'd like to continue it, please let me know? (Or anything Hesam really needs to be involved in that I might have missed)

I'm just about to backtag a few things so, apologies for people getting 2-3 week old tags.


(no subject)
crush ♫ h-hi Damian.....

You guys should head over to yuuyuupandaland for a Cosplay Meme!

Hiatus nooo
My poor old computer had a blip that requires a windows re-install. Unfortunately... My CD-Drive is broken. So I have to get that fixed to fix my computer. ): Should only be a week at most but until then I won't have any computer access. (Right now I've stolen my brothers to post this looool)

So until then I'll be gone. SO SORRY GUYS ; ; Only affected character is Deadpool. And my heart

New Character? Oh yes.
Hellooo! :D

This is Kate, mun of Geoffrey Chaucer thetrudger and Jon Snow n0thing_is_fair. Today I give you Peeta Mellark, the sweetest little teenager you'll ever meet! He ices cakes, paints, draws, and loves to talk to people! He is from the Hunger Games trilogy and his loss is the ability to make bread. :(
He's coming from the end of Catching Fire, right when he kills someone. :/ Because I'm mean.

If you don't know the Hunger Games, basically it takes place in a nation called Panem that requires every district to provide a boy and a girl to take part in the Hunger Games, a competition where kids kill each other. Yeah.

Sooooo, I'm excited to play him. Seriously, he is the nicest person evaaarrrr. I'll intro him soon. Please be gentle with him, Para <3

Feel free to add me on AIM and Plurk! I'm kiwikat11 on both.

Character number zero-zero-three
Hey, this is Leon, player of everyone's favourite Scottish doctor, Carson Beckett (atadiscoverer) and a demon dude, Cole Turner (demontobeloved).

This is an announcement to say that I'm bringing in this lumbering behemoth of wit and repartee. Cheif Warrant Officer Jorge-052, UNSC Special Ops.

Will be throwing up his IC intro as soon as poss

As ever, feel free to tag in, add my on AIM (blaze0010) or on Plurk and all that jazz.



This is Mugsy, aka Molotov. You might also remember me as Lana Kane and Fran Fine! Well, a new crazy lady is joining my crew -- Mistress from Oglaf.

I don't know how many of you read Oglaf (NSFW!!!!!), but for those of you who don't, I want to make a couple of things super clear, because I love all of you. Mistress's canon is really sexual. Mistress does mean and hilarious things that are very sexual. She says lots of dirty things. THAT IS WHY SHE HAS A PERMISSIONS POST.

Please, for the love of god, I am begging you to use that post. TELL ME WHAT'S COOL WITH YOU AND YOUR CHARACTERS.

She will probably intro in a few hours! I am very excited ♥ ilu all~

Suave gentleman
If you were a buddy here on livejournal, or if you would like to be a buddy and weren't one before, then please go here and sign up.

IT IS IMPORTANT YOU SIGN UP, EVEN IF YOU WERE A BUDDY BEFORE! This is so I can keep things organised, thanks everyone <3